Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So where is Poughkeepsie Anyway?

Poughkeepsie started as a one shot. Just put online to hold the story's place in my mind. After reviewers requested more; I added to it.

So I sat and figured out how I wanted the story to end, and commenced writing from there. It is titled "Poughkeepsie" because it was simply the most interesting word in the first chapter. I had no idea I was writing a book, even more clueless that I was writing a long one. I finished Poughkeepsie and left the story online for about two months.

 One day I received information from a friend that my story was being translated. I found the web site and requested that it be removed because it was done without my permission. I had copyrighted the words of my story, with all the Twilight names changed here in America, so I felt that my simple request would be honored. Suffice it to say, it wasn't.

 I went back to my story and peeked at the traffic, it had dwindled since the close of the story tremendously. I proceeded to pull Poughkeepsie on the off chance that the people who stole my story had not thought to copy all the chapters.

 Now,  with the story down, I had some thinking to do. I never dreamed I would write. I don't do it for a living, I never dabbled in it at all. I am a mom and a substitute teacher. I have my degree in Political Science. My only plans for my career included getting my Masters in teaching. I still love teaching and enjoy it immensely.

But now I have a story whose entire message was one I was proud of, a story about women loving fiercely. The brothers who were they only family each other had touched me. So now I am daring to dream that I could one  day see it in print. Honestly, I had to come to terms with spending so much time an effort on something that made my family no money at all. Writing on the internet is a demanding past time to have, and I don't regret it.

I have had probably 99.9% of readers tell me to go for it, to try and publish this story. There are a few that say it shouldn't be done and although I beg to differ, I respect that opinion.

Publishing, trying to publish Poughkeepsie is just for me and the characters I created. I want to let my characters breath and stand tall between the pages of a cover. I want the women that stand in front the  men they love to know that they are not alone when they love not for money, lust or presents, but for heart and commitment to feel justified. When you love simply and basically there are rewards.

When I think of certain chapters I wrote to honor the people I love, like Murphy's Oil, I want to get to hand a copy of the book to my mother in law and flip it open and say "This here? This is how I see you."

When I wrote the wedding scenes? I wrote my wedding down. The crying? The vows? That chapter sums up my love for my husband.

When my heroine stands in front of a gun, when she does CPR, when she prays from somewhere deep inside her? I pulled that from my mother's heart, the place where I keep my love for my kids. I want to point to it when they are older and say "See this here? That's what I feel for you. I love you so much my heart is yours forever, long after I leave this world, my love for you will remain."

The Dad character? That's my own father who would do anything for his girls. The girls friendships? My sister, my mother.

So it's not just a story to me. It is, of course, a fiction. But to see it in print? Wow. All this stuff I keep in my heart would belong to more than just me.

Poughkeepsie is in the final stages of editing. I have racked through it so many times. Then I will send out query letters to agents, publishers. If I get no takers, I will print if myself online. The information for getting a copy of Poughkeepsie will be on this site. 


  1. I had the wonderful experience of reading Poughkeepsie on fanfiction.net and only recently went back to read it again...for the third time :).It is truly one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful stories I have had the pleasure of reading. It saddens me that other people had no respect and did what they did translating the story, but at the same time it makes me incredibly happy that it gave you the push to publish. That you are going to publish this and be able to share it with even more people not just the twilight community is amazing and I can tell you now I will be one of the first in line to buy it when it comes out. Oh and when you sell the movie rights I will be happy to take a roll lol!!! Best wishes!!!


  2. I've thought from the beginning that this would make a hell of a book and movie. I am squeeing with delight that you'll publish no matter what. And when you do, a copy will grace my bookshelf and I'll be handing out more to my friends.

  3. When I came to your story it had only one chapter. It was so good even if it was so short! Captivated and starving for more, I viewed your profile to see if the rest of the story was on another site, unfortunatley-it is not. :( I understand why you would delete the rest of the story online, I am also a fan fiction author so I can sympathize. I would be infuriated and appalled if someone translated my story without my permission, especially at request. I deeply hope your story is published and by the looks of it, it must be truly fantastic. Best of luck to you and I am in hopes of having the pleasure to see the entire version of your original and supposed (as I haven't had the honor myself to see) heart-warming story.

  4. I'll admit that I was quite sad and frustrated when the story was taken down just when I got to the juicy bits, but I understand completely why you did it. I can't imagine how it would feel to have your words - that are obviously so personal - stolen from you. Not that you need my approval but just thought I'd tell you that I think it is fantastic that you are going to get this story published and I will definitely be in line to buy it. Good luck!!

  5. I have heard nothing but beautiful words about this story and I am craving to read it. I am so sorry that someone went and stole it - it's the worst thing you can do to an author who put their everything into their story. I truly hope I will get to read the whole thing. I am checking this blog every day and hoping against hope!

  6. Congratulations on this exciting next step. I wasn't one of the lucky ones able to read it on FF before it was removed. I'll be keeping my eyes out for the time when it's available to readers again as I can't wait. I wish you only the best in your publishing endeavors!

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  8. I loved Poughkeepsie & had read it 3 times, it being possibly my favorite fan fiction. I went back today and found only the first chapter up. It saddened me a whole lot but I'm sure you'll publish easily. I loved it and I'm a harsh book critic, so it kinda shows it's very well written and engaging.
    Would love to re-read it though ! I miss the story a whole lot. Is there any way you'd publish it on a temporary blog page for the fans ?
    Thanks a lot & I truly, truly hope your publishing dreams become reality.
    Love and luck from a fellow writer.
    x AMH.

  9. Dear Mrs The King,
    I'm dying to read the story and I so hope you will have it published. I've read the only chapter left on FFnet and I wanted to read more right from the start. I've read and heard so many great reviews of Poughkeepsie. I'm glad I've just found this site and I\ll be following you here, waiting impatiently for the good news that your book is available. I would pre-order it even today if that was possible.
    I wish you the best of luck!


  10. I love the first chapter. I can't wait to see the rest. Please let me know when you get published so I can buy It. It is hard waiting but I think it will be worth it. Thank you so much just the beginning was beautiful. ISA

  11. I really loved your story it was written so well. I think your story will make a wonderful novel. Can't wait for more info so I can purchase a copy.

  12. Dear Mrs. The King,
    I am so glad I came across your story and blog. It makes me smile to see someone so determined to see her dreams come to light. I pray your dreams come true because lets face it luck has nothing to do with what your doing. Determination and a dream have brought you this far. I can't wait to read your story in print. Don't forget to let your followers know when it's available. Until then God Bless and stay strong.

  13. Hi. Once upon a time, I read half of this story and then stopped. I don't recall if I stopped because it wasn't completed or I just didn't have time to finish in one sitting. Anyway I came back to finish it only to find it's gone. I totally understand your reasoning and I guess I'll just have to wait until you publish it somewhere to finish. I hope it's soon!! lol. I'll just have to check back in periodically for an update. :)

  14. Will it be available to buy online? I am desperate to read this. I have heard such lovely things and am now frothing at the bit. When I read the first chapter I actually gasped out loud in my empty house. Its going to stay with me.

  15. This has taught me a lesson I will never forget: Procrastination never pays off!

    I've been so busy dealing with RL this past year, I've had to put stories on my Watch list. I'm so upset that I missed Poughkeepsie -- I just watched the YouTube video, and the simple song and quotes have really touched me. I think it was the first time I teared up over a ~2 minute video (except maybe Martina McBride's Concrete Angel). And now, as I write this, I feel like my heart's clenching over this playlist!

    You are truly amazing - I enjoy your more-than-daily Twitter updates! I am really crossing my fingers for Poughkeepsie to get published -- as I've said, I've never had the pleasure of reading it, but I'm sure it more than deserves it... and my mind immediately goes to the fic every time I'm in NY. I wish I could reserve a copy now, I can't wait! =)

  16. I think I must have read almost all the big stories (I judge it by how many reviews it's received) and I feel disaapointed that I missed out on reading this story in particular. May I suggest publishing it as an eBook??

  17. Wow, this is so exciting to hear dear stranger. I only got to chapter 47 or so of your story before I took a break and then later noticed it got taken down. But if you get published it's all worth it =) Either way I will be waiting for when I can pick up and finish your beautiful story.

    I can't explain the feelings that your story evokes. You write in such a simple but.. not really simple, almost poetic and epic and magical.. and other words I cannot think of, but wow, I just have to say Poughkeepsie is definitely one of my favorite stories out there ever, side by side with Wide Awake =)

    Well, good luck! Edit edit edit and send that baby out.

  18. I adore this story above all others! It pulled me in from the first scene. I would love to re-read and recommended it to all of my friends before I knew it was pulled. I am hopeful that you will get it published and I will be one of the first in line to buy it!!! Thanks for such a wonderful, moving story!!

  19. Hey,

    I just started reading Poughkeepsie on FF.net (hi, I'm mechanicalrain) and discovered what had happened to it. Now I'm cursing myself for being so stupid I didn't start reading it earlier. It seems a very, very interesting and well-written story. I hope you can get it published, because I really, really, really want to read it and I'm willing to pay for it. So, I'm wishing you best of luck and hopefully we'll hear good news soon.


  20. Hi! I read Poughkeepsie just now. And I was like: dude, it can't be a one-shot! It has to be more! And I went to your profile, saw your blog and now I understand...
    If it was just a one-shot, I was going - I'm serious - to ask you... If I could trasnlate it to portuguese. I never did it before, and I wanted to translate a fanfic that I really loved. And I was so excited - If you said yes, I would jump and dance and... Ok, back to the point.
    I live in Brazil. I don't think I can buy your book - even if i want it so much. So, I don't know what to do. Maybe read the Poughkeepsie Junior in your profile. If there isn't anywhere this fanfic complete...
    Oh, and I wish you luck with your book, your life... Congratulations for writing such a beautiful story :D

  21. I have had your story on my watch list for months and just finally had time to sit down and start. I am kicking myself over and over that I did not read it when I had the chance!!! I will keep an eye on this blog and await the news as to where a copy of this can be purchased. I am so sorry to hear that your work was disrespected in the fashion in which it was and am very much looking forward to reading what is obviously a beautiful story!

  22. I never got the chance to read your story. I'm excited that when your book is published (which it will be, based off of the story's phenomenal response) that I'll get to enjoy it in its entirety. I'm sure it will be amazing.

    Best of Luck,

  23. Oh I'm so happy for you! I LOVED Poughkeepsie and I would definitely buy it in print once it's published (I honestly can't see how anyone can refuse to publish it--it has everything a reader could want) so I can read it again and again. I read your story about a year ago and the words have stayed with me for so long. The passion, the longing, the desire, the fear, the hatred, the friendship, all of it. Best of luck with the publishing! I can't wait to own a copy of my own. <3

  24. Will be buying a copy no matter how it is published - one of my very favorite stories, always thought it transcended fanfic, am glad to know it truly will!

  25. It was a beautiful story and I feel blessed to have read it. You have a wonderful gift of story telling. I really hope you get published.

  26. Hi, I just read the FF a couple of minutes ago, only what is left up - which is ultimatly the one shot, and i have to say, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Let this get published. I was so moved by just the opennig that I would happily buy this if turned into a book. Please let us know what is happenening when you get some news, I know we are all eager for your updates!

  27. Hi, I am one of the lucky ones who had the chance to read Poughkeepsie on FF (allthough not till the end:(...but from what I've read of Poughkeepsie I must say WOOOOW!! When this gets published, I will be the first one buying it!
    Sorry for my english, it's not my native tongue (I'm turkish but living in germany)
    Greetings from Germany :) Good Lcuk with everything

  28. I only have myself (and RL) to blame. I kept seeing it pop up, kept hearing it rec'd all over. And finally, I sit down to read it... :(

    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I am so sick of people thinking they have the right to take an author's hard work - a piece of their LIFE, and do with it what they want. It's not right, and you suffer because of it.

    I look forward to seeing you post how I can get a copy, because I will get a copy of it for myself. I'm just sad I missed it while everyone else was reading it...

  29. You have got to publish this masterpiece, this reflection of your heart and soul. I am only one of countless fans that await it, and want to continue to witness Poughkeepsie over and over again. It has touched my heart in ways no other story has. Please publish. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart. I love your writing. I love this story. I would love to get a copy of your book, and get some for my friends too.

  30. I am a small historical nonfiction publisher who loves fan fiction. I haven't read your story as I found it too late. I'm very tempted to starting a fiction division of my company to publish original fiction because I read so many fanfics that are excellent and really have nothing to do with Twilight except for the names. Publishing, really, is the easy part, it's the marketing that creates sales so if I could find a good book agent for the authors then it might work. I wish you the best on your book.