Thursday, October 14, 2010

Editing again

I've had a nibble on the story, but a revision is in order before any decisions are made. I need to decide how much I am willing to change the story. Some of it seems to have a life of its own and I'm not sure I could do the story justice if very much is altered.

I'll crack open the document later and try and look at it with a harder perspective. So that's an update, I'd imagine I'll have more information in about a month or so. Thanks for still carrying a flame for this story, I can't wait to get it on pages. 


  1. Yay! That's exciting :D
    I hope you're able to show them how worthwhile Pough really is!
    Good luck. I can't wait for the day I get to walk into a store and buy that book! <3

  2. Is there any way for me to read your story? I was only able to read the first chapter.

  3. I love that opening your blog page and hearing THAT song reminds me instantly of Pough and Emmett and everything that I loved about Pough. Good things happen to those that wait MTK... good things xo

  4. Wow, how exciting! This whole journey must be unlike anything one could really wrap their head around. Pretty soon someone will give it more than a nibble--you'll get a bite and then, a hook line and sinker. Good things are gonna come your way! <3

  5. Hmm. I, like you, think it's its own living breathing entity and would suffer if edited too much. I hope the edits aren't too drastic. :o( I'd be a sad panda.

    Breezy Bri

  6. I love this story! Can't wait to see it again. Editing would be hard, but I'm sure you'll figure a way to keep its flair!

  7. Alter as little as possible. It just doesn't do the story justice otherwise.

    Really hope this happens fast. Can't wait to read it again!


  8. so glad i clicked on you today, and found this wonderful news. knowing you love these characters as much as we do gives us hope that whatever changes have to happen, you will make them with a tender eye toward our hearts and theirs. xox

  9. I will never give up on being able to read this story someday!

  10. I would love having a copy of your book when it is finished. I enjoy big bookshelves and I only put books I care about on them ;)

    I couldn't get enough of your story while it was being written and I would love to share it with others! I would have shared the fanfiction but... Everyone I know isn't into that kind of thing. If it's original fiction I could get them to read it no problem! Such strange people I keep around me...

  11. I have to reiterate what Miztrez wrote. I loved your Emmett so much and this song takes me back to reading this story. I know editing and revising is a really grueling process, but it is just that - a process, a series of hoops you have to jump through. Good luck and don't let it overwhelm you! :)

  12. I wish I had been lucky enough to stumble across Poughkeepsie when the story was still up!
    I read the first chapter and was absolutely hooked, and then crestfallen to find that you had removed the story!
    I wish you the best of luck in getting what I am sure is an incredible story published.
    I selfishly wish I could read the whole thing!
    But best of luck, I'll be rooting for you!

  13. Dear Mrs. TheKing,

    I loved reading Poughkeepsie the first time around, and if it were still available online I would have re-read it 10 times by now (at least). It is truly a one-of-a-kind story.

    I will be first in line at the bookstore (virtual or otherwise) when Poughkeepsie gets published.

    Hoot (@idgaHoot)

  14. Hey bb,
    I am hopeless at keeping up with things so forgive me if you have already been through all this.

    I just wondered if you had thought of other avenues as opposed to book publishing?

    When I think of Poughkeepsie I can imagine it as a radio serial. In the same way that Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy started as a niche BBC Radio 4 broadcast years ago and took of from there (yes I am one of those people who say 'I liked it when no one else had heard of it').

    I can imagine Pough unfolding every evening (repeated the following afternoon)in the voice of a talented narrator. It jaust has the right level of anticipation and action and romance and angst and... everything for a format like that.


    Love Maylin

  15. I read (the early version of) Poughkeepsie awhile ago and I am so happy you are going for this! And reading how much the story means to you makes me want it for you all the more.
    The brothers. wow. That tugged at my heart even more than the romance. But truth be told you created so many special moments. Every now and then a moment you created will flit through my mind. That is how good you are. It will be nice for a greater audience to experience that.